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Creatives Discussing Project




The EGRES Professional Service Corporation exists to solve the critical issues facing businesses.


The company's team of specialized subject matter experts individually and collectively has participated in over 100s key project assignments and has managed projects on a local, statewide, national and international level throughout all phases including conceptualization through to completion.  


                               Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.


We believe in taking an aggressive approach that propels our clients to the forefront competitively while positioning organizations for expansion and service diversification. With an earned reputation for excellence, we have worked hard to develop and maintain valued collaborative partnerships in our efforts to achieve innovative, creative, and effective strategies.  This approach has delivered partnerships with companies at the forefront of healthcare research and emerging technologies and has allowed  EGRES to innovate and impact healthcare delivery and produce innovation in wellness concepts. This is what we work hard to achieve


  • Established collaborative partnerships- Aligning ourselves in strategic partnerships in the development and implementation of creative ideas and proven business strategies offering added value to Clients.

  • Development of sustainable and replicable solutions- Promoting innovation and alignment with existing business strategies.

  • Introduction of key concepts- We ensure our clients understand and are able to manage organizational implications that change adoption might impose within the organization.

  • Collectively, working to improve understanding- All businesses operate under similar guiding fundamentals, and achieving the highest level of business performance, is dictated by business design






Business and Program Design Concepts

Organization and Infrastructure Development


Project Management and Logistics

When Creativity Counts and Ingenuity Matters!


Applicable Technologies and Innovation as a Service

Organization & Infrastructure Development

Organization and Infrastructure Development go hand and hand. While organization development is a deliberately planned, organization-wide effort to increase effectiveness, Infrastructure development is the basic physical driver required to deliver services and how well the facility functions. Both can be generally defined as the set of interconnected elements that provide the framework in support of the business.  


We work to identify opportunities to enhance and restructure organizations in support of the organization's growth strategies. 


Business Concepts 
Program Design

Our Consultants work in collaboration with our clients to form and shape ideas into viable business and program design concepts.


We work to improve the understanding that all businesses operate under similar guiding fundamentals and to achieve the highest level of business performance, this is dictated by the business design process. 


We conceptualize business concepts and refine programs until our clients are satisfied that what was intended will consistently achieve its

intended purpose.

We Align Ourselves With Companies On The Leading Edge of Technology
and Research to Deliver Added Value to Our Clients

Business Meeting

Applicable Technologies and

Innovation as a Service

Our commitment to aligning ourselves with companies at the forefront of emerging technologies gives us that strategic edge when advising clients looking to innovate utilizing applicable technologies that enhance product and service delivery. As we work to introduce key technologies. we ensure that our clients are able to understand and absorb the potential implications that change adoption might impose.


  • We work with organizations to demonstrate how technology impacts processes and organizational roles.

  • We ensure that our clients understand how infrastructures may need to be redefined, structured, or re-configured

  • Create a roadmap for the adoption of new technologies.

We Work to Identify Potential Business Concerns and Work to Mitigate the Risk!

Meeting the Staff

Project Management & Logistics

Whether your project is large or small, our Teams of Subject Matter Experts is the right resource to deliver your next project on time and within budget!

Our methodology is simple and

our approach is disciplined


We take on the coordination and oversight role in all aspects of various projects including the creation of strategies and deliverables and relationship management. In addition, we perform advanced data research, and management analysis, communicate results and review final work plans.


We serve as subject matter experts in one or more areas on projects and drive all aspects of an initiative including identifying issues, forming hypotheses, planning and conducting interviews & analyses, and synthesizing conclusions into viable recommendations to help implement change.


 EGRES Professional Service Corporation

We have been fortunate to partner with clients across business sectors 

Partial Client Listing


  • Joseph Jacobs Foundation

  • Hewlett Packard Foundation

  • Doris Duke Foundation

  • Rockefeller Foundation

  • Special Olympics International Organization


  • Small Business Administration​

  • International Health Ministries


  • City of Long Beach

  • County of Los Angeles

  • City of Los Angeles

  • The State of California

Financial Institutions:

  • Regional-Specific Development Banks

Healthcare Organizations:

  • CMS-Medicare/ Med-Cal

  • Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Providers

  • Regulatory Agencies: ACR, JACHO, ICANL

  • Collaborative Partners International  Wellness Initiatives

  • Major Health Plans

  • Hospitals systems

  • Physician Entrepreneurs​


  • Billboard SoundScan

  • Los Angeles Olympic Games

  • International Olympic Arts Festival

  • Entertainment Industries Major Awards Show

  • National Basketball Association

  • Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs




Business Classification:

Woman-Owned  Small Business

Cage Number: 70RK2

Duns Number: 057730142

Classification Codes:  R, D

(626) 688-9146

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